Yuh-Ling Shen

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    Yuh-Ling Shen

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    Associate Professor

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    College of Social Sciences, R428

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Moilanen, K. L., & Shen, Y.-L.,Mastery in middle adolescence: The contributions of socioeconomic status, maternal mastery and supportive-involved mothering.,Journal of Youth and Adolescence,43,pp298-310


Shen, Y.-L., Carlo, G., & Knight, G. P.,Relations between parental discipline, empathy-related traits, and prosocial moral reasoning: A multicultural examination. ,Journal of Early Adolescence,33,7,pp994-1021


Shen, Y.-L.,Effects of Chinese parental practices on adolescent school outcomes mediated by conformity to parents, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.,International Journal of Educational Research,50,pp282-290


Russell, S. T., Crockett, L. J., Shen, Y. L., & Lee, S. A.,Cross-ethnic invariance of self-esteem and depression measures for Chinese, Filipino, and European American adolescents.,Journal of Youth and Adolescence,37,pp50-61


Year Publication


Shen, Y.L., & Wei, H. Y. ,Parental support and reasoning, self-regulation, and adolescent prosocial behavior.,the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence,Austin, TX.,2014/03/00


Shen, Y. L., & Hsu, K. Y.,Personality, competence, and peer relations in Taiwanese adolescents.,the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development,Seattle, WA.,2013/03/00


Shen, Y.L.,Relationships of loneliness, social support, and problem behavior for Taiwanese junior high school students.,the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence,Vancouver, Canada.,2012/03/00

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霸凌現象之探討: 霸凌現象的頻率, 問題嚴重性, 霸凌社會訊息處理過程, 以及不同霸凌群組的父母教養方法、自尊 、自我調節、社會支持之研究

Yuh-Ling Shen







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Arizona State University United States   Ph.D.